FundKiss enables Mauritian SMEs to obtain unsecured loans with ease and transparency - thanks to the backing of the crowd.

Step 1:

Submit your project

Register to join the FundKiss community. Fill in our online form

Step 2:

Project screening

Our team of analysts will get in touch to discuss your financial needs

Step 3:

Project approval

Your project has been approved and assigned an interest rate set between 11% and 15%. It is now live on FundKiss and ready for potential investors to fund

Step 4:

Funding period

The funding period lasts 30 days, during which funds are placed in an escrow account administered by FundKiss. Once the target has been reached, FundKiss will make the funds available within five working days.

Step 5:

Pay loans

Repay your loans according to the agreed payment terms to the escrow account—and FundKiss will redistribute the funds to the lenders. Know more →

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