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Mauritius is known worldwide for its large variety of food. These meals and appetizers come from the multiple origins of the Mauritian people. 

Joana Leboeuf, a woman entrepreneur operates since 2017 a stall located at Cité L’Oiseau where she sells much-appreciated appetizers like samoussa, hakien, spring roll and crispy chicken. She also sells farata, fried pastry and pudding. 

Joana Leboeuf worked for several years in a restaurant and with her two young boys; it was difficult for her to work at odd hours far from her place of living. It was then that she decided to start her own business. Additionally, she takes orders from individuals from different regions and also from NGOs and ensures the delivery. 

Her stall is well attended as her opening hours, from 3pm to 8 pm, allow her to prepare everything the day itself thus assuring the freshness of her products. 



With the Covid-19 pandemic, her stall was closed and orders cancelled. Now, after the lockdown period, she is overwhelmed with orders but unable to honor them. The funds requested will allow her to buy raw materials and also a display cabinet to offer more products for sale. 


Amount: MUR75,000

Interest Rate: 11%

Duration: 18 months

Loan profile: Monthly Amortizing

For an investment of MUR15,000, monthly repayment to lenders will be MUR907.78.


  • Fair management of bank account.
  • Receives support from husband who works at Rey Lenferna.
  • Facility requested will help in generating further sales.


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Indicative gross margin More than 20%
Indicative net margin More than 10%
Indicative stock over (times per year) More than 6 times per year
Debt level Very low
Indicative turnover level (MUR) 120,000


Joana Leboeuf has all the support of her husband when the latter gets back from work. As a wife, she is determined to contribute to the household expenses.


Start Funding              Repayment Simulator



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