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In the business world, predominantly occupied by men, the success of a woman depends on her determination and foresight. Priya Ujoodha is one of those women who has taken up the challenge of succeeding in a sector where reactivity is essential. She has been running a cold storage since June 2018 in the busy area of Trou aux Biches. She sells fresh products: chicken, eggs, chicken sausages, ham. On pick-up delivery, she supplies duck and guinea fowl. Also, as Saturday is a busy day, roast chicken is on sale. 

Priya always wanted to be independent and to be able to contribute to the house expenses. Today her independence is crucial as it builds her self-confidence. Furthermore, being in direct contact with customers is a source of learning for her. Since she started this business, she learned to manage all types of clients and to anticipate difficult situations. Managing her business since 2018 proves to be for Priya a satisfying experience on a personal level as it is on a professional level. 




This project is under the Support Scheme.

During the lockdown, she has not been able to work and this impacted her cashflow. The funds will allow her to pay the rent of her cold storage and also to replenish the chicken and egg supply.


Amount: MUR100,000

Interest Rate: 8%

Duration: 18 months

Loan profile: Interest only paid for the first 3 months. Afterwards, interest and principal repaid.

For an investment of MUR15,000, the first 3 repayments for the first 3 months to lenders will be MUR100.00 (Interest only). For the remaining 15 months, monthly repayment to lenders will be MUR1,054.16 (Capital + Interest).


  • Sound revenue given monthly records of clients.
  • Good location of business.
  • Operates under the well-established franchise.




Indicative gross margin 5% < Gross margin ≤10%
Indicative net margin 2% < Net margin ≤5%
Indicative stock over (times per year) More than 6 times per year
Debt level Reasonable
Indicative monthly turnover level (MUR) 80,000


Priya Ujoodha works alone and these two years running her cold storage has boosted her skills in management, sales and customer care.


Start Funding              Repayment Simulator



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