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Rexiane Chérubin is one of those women who does not allow herself to be put down by the vicissitudes of life. She’s a woman who has many strings to her bow. From the age of 18, she started working in a casino and stayed there for 2 years. At the same time, she opened a “tabagie” with a friend and in 2009, she took up a job in a call center. But in February 2020, she was however made redundant given the anticipation of economic downfall due to the COVID pandemic.  

Since very young, Rexiane has been passionate about sewing. In her spare time, she makes clothes for her neighbourhood. Today, she has made this passion her primary source of income. Her desire to succeed in life was passed on to her daughter Annabelle. The latter took cooking lessons at the Sir Gaëtan Duval hotel school and takes orders for cakes and other typical dishes like ‘halim’ and ‘boulettes’. In their locality at La Tour Koenig, Rexiane and Annabelle are known for the aesthetics of tailor-made clothes and for the dishes with tasty flavors respectively.




Today, mother and daughter join their strength and ingenuity to consolidate their small business. On the ground floor of their apartment block at La Tour Koenig, they plan to install a metal structure that would host on one side a small sewing workshop for Rexiane and on the other side a space where Annabelle could do delivery of ready meals. The neighbourhood is a place of great affluence with factories and schools.  The funds requested would allow them to take a big step towards professionalizing their business.


Amount: MUR75,000

Interest Rate: 11%

Duration: 18 months

Loan profile: Monthly Amortizing

For an investment of MUR25,000, monthly repayment to lenders will be MUR1,512.96.


  • Small amount requested.
  • Strategic location (close to factory, schools, flats).
  • Has more than 10 years of experience.


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Indicative gross margin More than 20%
Indicative stock over (times per year) More than 6 times per year
Debt level Satisfactory
Indicative monthly turnover level (MUR) 13,000


Rexiane and her daughter Annabelle have a close relationship. Each is the support of the other and together they form an incredible female team. 


Start Funding              Repayment Simulator


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