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The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of our food sovereignty. This starts with the production capacity of fruits and vegetables locally. Vincent Umrit, made his love for the land his job. Coming from a family of farmers, he was very early aware of environmentally friendly farming methods. 

Between 2002 and 2009, Vincent Umrit worked for the Food Program of the United Nations and spent his time between Madagascar and Guinea Bisau. The objective of this program was to increase income through agricultural rotation with the association of several crops.  

Holder of a Master in Natural Resources with a specialization in “organic agriculture” from the University of Wisconsin in the United States and also of a Master in “Soil Science” from the University of Kiev, this agro-entrepreneur decided to open his own business in 2011 and developed a plot of 12 acres in Bagatelle for growing vegetables. With 4 full-time employees and an armada of casual workers, Vincent Umrit exploits each plot of this land. Indeed, he uses permaculture to optimize the yield and especially in the strict respect of the environment with the use of phytosanitary products rather than chemical fertilizers. Today, the team can offer healthy vegetables at a competitive price. 


During confinement, people did not have access to fresh produce except by home delivery. For Vincent Umrit, home delivery allows him to offer healthy vegetables at a price that excludes third party fees. From farm to your door is his motto. To meet the growing demand, he needs to increase the production of vegetables. In the future, he plans to open retail outlets where customers can directly buy vegetables from farmers.


Amount: MUR150,000

Interest Rate: 11%

Duration: 12 months

Loan profile: Monthly Amortizing

For an investment of MUR20,000, monthly repayment to lenders will be MUR1,767.63.

*No Freeze of Capital (Capital + Interest paid every month).


  • Mr Umrit has over 25 years of experiences, holding both a degree and a master in Organic agriculture and Natural resources & Agriculture respectively. The latter also comes from a family of farmers. He is also known at FAREI/AREU for his work on maize and pulse production.
  • Satisfactory financial indicators were provided.
  • Agricultural sector is receiving a boost following Budget.


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Indicative gross margin More than 20%
Indicative net margin More than 10%
Debt level Very low
Indicative turnover level for past 12 months (MUR) 1,815,000


Vincent Umrit has 4 full-time employees and uses contractors for specific needs: transplanting, phytosanitary treatment and harvesting. The team is committed to significantly increasing food and agricultural production in a competitive and sustainable manner through innovative production techniques while opening access to new markets and more importantly reduce importation. 


Start Funding              Repayment Simulator


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