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Hampa Ltd is the sole distributor of Ellams Spice Masters-brand spices. Incorporated in 2009 by Mevinn Rajiah, the company makes and distributes spice blends in recipes that were actually created and commercialized by Mevinn’s grandparents in the 1970’s, and then preserved and perfected by Mevinn himself.

Ten years later, Hampa continues to sell Ellams Spice Master products, and has expanded their product range from original recipes to various wholegrain and ground spices. There are now over 90 products under the Ellams Spice Master umbrella, many of which are crucial ingredients in many widely-loved traditional Mauritian dishes.

Crafted using traditional methods, and priced to be accessible to all across Mauritius, Hampa’s products have become a part of their customers’ day-to-day lives and near-synonymous with longevity and Mauritian authenticity. All these brand characteristics have earned Ellams Spice Master products a pervasive presence in retail outlets nationwide despite limited promotional outreach, along with small-scale regional exportation to Reunion Island and Rodrigues.

As Hampa enters its tenth year in existence, they have capped this milestone with substantial recognition for their performance and contribution to Mauritian culture. This includes being ranked runners-up for the Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives’ 2019 SME Excellence Award; and earning the NPCC’s Silver Award under the National Productivity and Quality Convention.

To watch Mevinn’s message, the Director of Hampa Ltd, to the Fundkiss Community, click here.


Hampa Ltd aims to expand its market share and improve its competitiveness. This strategic goal involves augmenting their traditional production process with mechanical and digital tools to increase production capacity, and then implement more far-reaching promotional strategies. In short, Hampa’s project is three-pronged, and they require funds for the following:

  • To acquire mechanical packing machines to increase productivity, as well as additional storage to accommodate the extra inventory
  • To digitalize key aspects of Hampa’s operations, Hampa is looking to install a mobile invoicing system, a digital inventory system and a security system
  • Upon completion of these goals and increasing productivity, Hampa will launch more far-reaching promotional outreach so as to bolster their market share.

Key Loan Terms

Loan amount: MUR950,000.00
Interest rate: 12% per annum
Profile: Monthly Amortizing
Term: 36 months

For an investment of MUR100,000, the monthly repayment to lenders will be MUR3,321.43


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MUR 31/08/2019 31/12/2018
(8 Months) (12 Months)
Non-Current Assets 2,254,809 770,000
Current Assets
Inventories 1,400,000 305,580
Trade and Other Receivables 280,913 368,600
Cash 0 694,838
Total Current Assets 1,680,913 1,369,018
Total Assets 3,935,722 2,139,018
Share Capital 25,000 25,000
Retained Earnings 1,432,716 1,037,627
Total Equity 1,457,716 1,062,627
Non-Current Liabilities
Long-term Borrowing 1,773,402 460,802
Total Non-Current Liabilities 1,773,402 460,802
Current Liabilities
Trade and Other Payables 352,555 532,793
Provision for Tax Liabilities 111,457 82,796
Borrowings 240,592 0
Total Current Liabilities 704,604 615,589
Total Liabilities 2,478,006 1,076,391
Total Equity & Liabilities 3,935,722 2,139,018
Revenue 3,498,583 5,890,687
Cost of Sales (2,494,872) (3,038,285)
Gross Profit 1,003,711 2,852,402
Total Expenses (461,419) (2,153,224)
Depreciation (230,000) (230,000)
Profit After Tax 312,292 469,178


Hampa has been led by its founder, Mevinn Rajiah, since 2009. Today, the team is made up of 12 employees who not only specialize in processing, packaging and distribution; but are also well-versed in, and proudly uphold the cultural heritage on which Ellams Spice Master blends were first created. Hampa is looking to increase their production through machines and modern systems while keeping its people, so that Ellams Spice Master production allows it to keep pace with growing competition on the Mauritian market while retaining its authenticity.

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