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Before a business is set up, entrepreneurs and companies should have a well defined plan on how to brand and promote their products. Brand consideration has always been in people’s minds before taking a purchase decision. Most of the brands that we know are foreign and there is a need to promote local and regional brands so that they become on top of the mind.

Media Five Ltd, incorporated in June 2017, assists companies into branding themselves in more creative ways and uses new techniques and technologies of branding so that their company names and brands stay on top of the minds of their clients. 

Tanuja Heeroo, the director of Media Five Ltd, along with her team was inspired by the fact that nowadays brand name and equity play a much bigger role in a company’s success than its own tangible assets. Every company has a soul and Media Five Ltd provide the energy to bring it to life. If the company is the body, its brand name is its soul.

Media Five Ltd, therefore, uses new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, e-commerce among others to make it more affordable and easy for companies to reach out to their clients.

They are also a subsidiary of Big 5 Holdings Ltd, which has interests in various other industries such as Food and Beverage, Sugar and Sugar Technology, Printing and Printing Technology, Fire and Hydro, Real Estate, consultancy and other services in and out of Mauritius.



This project is under the Support Scheme.

Funds will be used solely for working capital purposes to resolve financial issues that aroused during the lockdown as well as fuel their immediate needs for working capital. 


Amount: MUR300,000

Interest Rate: 8%

Duration: 30 months

Loan profile: Interest only paid for the first 3 months. Afterwards, interest and principal repaid.

For an investment of MUR25,000, the first 3 repayments for the first 3 months to lenders will be MUR166.67 (Interest only). For the remaining 27 months, monthly repayment to lenders will be MUR1,014.83 (Capital + Interest).


Income Statement Analysis:

The latest financials relate to the year ended 31/12/2019.

Turnover grew significantly by 30.4% yoy to reach MUR3.9Million in FY19 (FY18: MUR3.0Million). Cost of sales rose mildly by 5.6% yoy to stand at MUR1.9Million (FY18: MUR1.8Million). As a result, gross profit level rose exponentially by 69.5% yoy to MUR2.0Million for the FY19 (FY18: MUR1.2Million).

Total operating expenses doubled to MUR1.1Million (FY18: MUR0.5Million), attributable mainly to payroll expenses which went up significantly by 17.4% yoy to MUR0.4Million and Depreciation which surged from MUR0.04Million to MUR0.4Million in FY19 following additional purchase in PPE last FY18. Hence, operating profit increased favorably by 35.3% yoy to MUR0.9Million in FY19 (FY18: MUR0.7Million).

Net finance costs was higher at MUR141k in FY19 (FY18: MUR13k). This was in line with increase in the level of borrowings being taken as from FY18. With taxation rising to MUR178k (FY18: MUR103k), net profit moderately improved by 5.9% yoy to MUR0.6Million (FY18: MUR0.5Million). In the same pipeline, EBITDA was positive at MUR1.3Million (FY18: MUR0.7Million).

Balance Sheet Analysis:

Fixed assets level declined to MUR1.4Million (FY18: MUR1.8Million), given PPE fell to MUR0.8Million (FY18: MUR1.0Million) while Motor vehicle stood lower at MUR0.7Million (FY18: MUR0.8Million).

Liquidity wise, current assets grew considerably to MUR3.0Million (FY18: MUR1.8Million), driven by a notable growth in trade receivables to stand at MUR2.5Million (FY18: MUR1.4Million). It was however understood that it also included stock purchase limit provided by the franchiser of around MUR1.8Million. Cash position grew to MUR0.4Million (FY18: MUR0.3Million). Current liabilities, consisting of other payables, increased to MUR1.5Million (FY18: MUR0.9Million). Hence, working capital was better at MUR1.5Million (FY18: MUR0.9Million). Moreover, current ratio was sound at 2.01 times (FY18: 2.04 times). Quick ratio barely changed to 2.01 times (FY18: 2.04 times).

Leverage wise, total borrowings – consisting of only long term loan – fell to MUR1.4Million (FY18: MUR1.8Million). It could be noted that borrowings were mainly used to acquire PPE. Equity level improved to MUR1.5Million (FY18: MUR892k). Hence, debt to equity ratio fell to 0.97 times (FY18: 2.07 times). Debt to total assets ratio was low at 0.3 times (FY18: 0.5 times). Debt to fixed assets ratio was stable at 1.0 times.

Financial Ratios Analysis:


– Gross profit margin increased to 50.5% (FY18: 38.9%).
– Operating profit margin stood at 23.0% (FY18: 22.2%).
– Net profit margin declined to 14.9% (FY18: 18.3%).


– Debt to equity ratio improved to 0.97 times (FY18: 2.07 times).
– Debt to total assets ratio was low at 0.3 times (FY18: 0.5 times).
– Debt to fixed assets ratio was stable at 1.0 times.


– Current ratio was sound at 2.01 times (FY18: 2.04 times).
– Quick ratio barely changed to 2.01 times (FY18: 2.04 times).


  • Increasing turnover noted in FY19.
  • Sound liquidity position.
  • Improving equity level following consecutive net profit generated.
  • Company has previously worked with some well-known companies including Wellkin Hospital, Clinique Darne, Brinks and Rogers Capital.
  • Sound experience of the owner and director in the sector.


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MUR 31/12/2018 31/12/2019
Non-Current Assets 1,846,259 1,417,359
Current Assets
Cash in hand & Bank 308,596 421,329
Trade Receivables 1,447,528 2,540,082
Total Current Assets 1,756,124 2,961,411
Total Assets 3,602,383 4,378,770
Issued share capital 10,000 10,000
Revenue Reserves 881,909 1,463,355
891,909 1,473,355
Non-Current Liabilities
Long Term Loan 1,849,008 1,434,406
Total Non-Current Liabilities 1,849,008 1,434,406
Current Liabilities
Other Payables 861,466 1,471,009
Total Current Liabilities 861,466 1,471,009
Total Liabilities 2,710,474 2,905,415
Total Equity & Liabilities 3,602,383 4,378,770
Turnover 2,998,864 3,911,431
Cost of Sales (1,833,553) (1,936,008)
Gross Profit 1,165,311 1,975,423
Expenses (463,813) (645,521)
EBITDA 701,498 1,329,902
Depreciation (35,741) (428,900)
EBIT 665,757 901,002
Finance Cost (13,330) (141,259)
EBT 652,427 729,743
Taxation (103,225) (178,296)
Profit After Tax 549,202 581,447
Gross Profit Margin 38.9% 50.5%
Operating Profit Margin 22.2% 23.0%
Net Profit Margin 18.3% 14.9%
Interest bearing debt-to-Equity Ratio (times) 2.07 0.97
Gearing ratio (times) 3.04 1.97
Current Ratio (times) 2.04 2.01
Acid test (times) 2.04 2.01
Stock turnover (days) 0 0
Debtors’ Turnover (days) – average DSO 176 237
Creditors’ Turnover (days) 0 0
DSCR (times) 52.6 9.4
Interest cover 49.9 6.4
Cash ratio 0.4 0.3
Debt to fixed assets (times) 1.0 1.0
Debt to total assets (times) 0.5 0.3


Since June 2017, Media Five Ltd has strived to supply a full package offer to their clients: banks, hospitals, consultants, security companies, bus companies. With their network of suppliers and close collaborators, they are able to bring solutions to issues that their clients may have in terms of branding. The 3 employees of Media Five Ltd are innovators. In 2018, they participated in the GAPP award, which is an African competition, which awards companies in excellence in printing and branding. They earned a prize in the category of 3D braille printing which is a new technology developed by them that will be marketed soon.

Start Funding              Repayment Simulator

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