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Slice Wood Fire Italian Pizza was founded by Stephane Mathieu, who conceived an intriguing contemporary dining experience to express his passion for the culinary arts: a mobile dining experience. This concept takes a rare form—a food truck equipped with a wood-oven for baking pizzas, and it has already made Slice a beloved member of the Black River community. The absence of a brick-and-mortar location gives Stephane the freedom to cater to all types of events—weddings, corporate events, birthdays—and serve people anywhere in Mauritius.

Stephane’s best-known creation is the Neapolitan pizza he makes in his food truck. However, he has progressively expanded his menu to include other items such as burgers, sandwiches, bruschetta and drinks. Ever eager to learn, however, Stephane also learned the art of breadmaking from local bakers and made it part of Slice’s diverse product offering.

Stephane makes a great selection of specialty breads that are crafted with 100% natural ingredients and cooked without modern techniques such as temperature manipulation. He also does not make any bread that uses white flour, as he aims to create food that is not detrimental to any client’s health. He cooks 750-gram bread loafs to give patrons a weeklong supply of bread—he does so to change Mauritians’ habit of commuting to the bakery every day, saving time and reducing pollution.

Not long ago, Stephane approached Fundkiss for another project, which allowed him to open a first location in Black River. The food truck is now used more for event catering, and Black River residents know precisely where to find their 100% natural, health-conscious bread. Stephane does, however, intend to open several locations nationwide, to bring healthy gourmet bread and authentic Neapolitan pizza to more Mauritians.

To watch Stephane Mathieu’s message to the Fundkiss Community, click here.


Demand for gourmet, healthy bread has continuously increased since Slice introduced them to their menu. They’ve approached us because they can no longer cope with existing demand for their specialty bread without new equipment. As such, they are calling upon Fundkiss’ Community of Lenders for the necessary funds to acquire another bread oven, to increase productivity and meet their clientele’s demand.

Key Loan Terms

Amount: MUR400,000
Interest: 12 % p.a
Profile: Monthly Amortizing
Term: 36 months

For an investment of MUR50,000, monthly repayments to lenders will be MUR1,660.72.


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Management Figures 2019 Management Target 2020
Turnover 2,860,360 5,100,000
Cost of Sales (1,144,144) (2,040,000)
Gross Profit 1,716,216 3,060,000
Gross Profit Margin 60% 60%


Stephane Mathieu, Director of Slice Wood Fire Italian Pizza, is an entrepreneur at heart, who has always dreamt of creating his own business. A foodie and excellent chef in equal measure, he has transformed his greatest passion into his livelihood, and this passion is evident in anything he makes. His idea was to bring an innovative but simple concept to his community, and that is how Slice Wood Fire Italian Pizza came to be. Stephane started operates in Black River, where he lives, and also moves around the island to meet the needs of his clients.


Start Funding              Repayment Simulator