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Strategic Insight was incorporated by Zayd Soobedar in early 2015, and quickly positioned itself uniquely in the financial sector of Mauritius. Strategic Insight specializes in corporate-level credit reports, market intelligence, credit structuring and risk management. This helps international suppliers abroad as well as local parties to assess how much credit could be given to any potential partner companies in Mauritius, a key aspect of financial risk management and deal structuring.

Strategic Insight is now the sole actor in this niche in Mauritius, but covers the Indian Ocean region as well as a number of African countries. They operate in 25 countries to date, with a clientele that is evenly split between large multinationals (including leading credit insurers), banks, NBFIs, top 100 domestic companies, mid-cap corporates and local SMEs. Strategic Insight has thus seen strong growth that has made them not just a key player in facilitating trade, due diligence and risk management; it has also helped Strategic Insight unlock value in the import-export market.

In addition to credit solutions, Strategic Insight also provides market intelligence, business plans and strategy consulting to companies aiming to achieve a variety of business objectives, from penetrating new markets to turnover growth.

Strategic Insight operates in partnership with over 25 renowned risk management and financial institutions, all of which operate in Mauritius and abroad. Strategic Insight is also an accredited member of Global Credit Solutions, an international group that extends across 100 countries with distinguished members in governance, risk, compliance and quality framework.



As stated on their corporate blueprint, Strategic Insight aims to become the credit information platform for Africa and cover at least 35 countries in Africa by 2021. To fund this expansion, Strategic Insight is looking to raise working capital amounting to MUR 500,000. This working capital will be used to finance Strategic Insight’s internationalization.

Check out Zayd Soobedar, their founder and Managing Director, and his message to the Fundkiss Community here.

Key Loan Terms
Loan amount: MUR 500,000
Term: 36 months
Interest: 12%
Profile: Monthly Amortizing

For an investment of MUR100,00, monthly repayment to lenders will be MUR3,321.43

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MUR 30/06/2019 30/06/2018
Non-Current Assets 1,268,528 1,680,043
Current Assets
Trade and Other Receivables 3,260,391 2,322,446
Cash and Cash Equivalents 250,000 185,992
Total Current Assets 3,510,391 2,508,438
Total Assets 4,778,919 4,188,481
Share Capital 250,100 500,100
Retained Earnings 2,190,274 (1,085,797)
Total Equity 2,440,374 (585,697)
Non-Current Liabilities
Obligation from Finance Lease 1,176,188 1,405,838
Total Non-Current Liabilities 1,176,188 1,405,838
Current Liabilities
Trade and Other Payables 972,969 3,368,340
Bank overdraft 189,388 0
Total Current Liabilities 1,162,357 3,368,340
Total Liabilities 2,338,545 4,774,178
Total Equity & Liabilities 4,778,919 4,188,481
Turnover 15,658,456 11,784,275
Cost of Sales (5,637,044) (4,072,361)
Gross Profit 10,021,412 7,711,914
Expenses (6,054,321) (4,735,869)
EBITDA 3,967,091 2,976,045
Depreciation (580,437) (545,011)
EBIT 3,386,654 2,431,034
Finance Cost (110,584) (105,896)
Profit before Tax 3,276,070 2,325,138


Strategic Insight was founded in 2015 by Zayd Soobedar, who is now one of the company’s three executive directors alongside Frad Dahall and Ariane Ramar. Combined, they have over 50 years of working experience in credit, finance, business strategy, debt collection, credit insurance and risk management. Excluding directors, the group companies has 35 employees (spread over 3 companies under the group) with Strategic Insight employing 40% of them, many of them also specialized in the financial sector. The staff works between Strategic Insight’s three offices, two of which are located in Beau Bassin and the other in Quatre Bornes.


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