Fundkiss enables investors to connect with entrepreneurs shaping Mauritius, and in the process, earn solid returns, diversify their portfolio, balance risks and acquire a new class of assets.

1. Discover the projects

Sign up to Fundkiss to browse our projects. Select the right one(s) for you.

2. Start funding

Invest as little as MUR 5,000 in any number of projects. Your funds are deposited in an escrow account administered by Fundkiss until the project reaches 100% of its goal

3. Successful campaign

If the project does meet its financial goal, Fundkiss makes the funds available to the borrower

4. Loan Repayment

The borrower pays back his loan in regular installments to the escrow account

5. Earn returns

Fundkiss redistributes your projected repayments directly into your bank account. Know more →

6. Unsuccessful campaign

If the project’s financial goal isn’t met, the campaign ends and your funds are transferred back to your account

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