Lender FAQ

What is Fundkiss?

Fundkiss is Mauritius’ first licensed credit marketplace that helps Mauritian SMEs raise funds to grow their businesses. Lenders provide capital for business loans in exchange for solid returns, while borrowers enjoy competitive interest rates on loans. Our main objective is to make access to credit easy and transparent and help entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals.

Why should I use Fundkiss as an alternative investment solution?

Crowdlending has emerged as a new asset class for individual and institutional investors seeking to diversify their portfolio and earn higher returns than regular savings. By funding projects on Fundkiss, you are investing directly in the real economy and contributing towards the success of promising Mauritian SMEs. Above all, you will enjoy a steady, predictable income stream from the repayment of loans. Joining the Fundkiss community is a chance to grow your network and discover projects from a huge variety of industries.

Who can invest?

Any individual 18 years and older can invest, as well as any institutional investors.

How much can I invest as an institutional investor?

As an institutional investor, you can invest a maximum of MUR1,000,000 per project.

How much can I invest as an individual investor?

As an individual investor, you may lend between MUR5,000 and MUR100,000 per project. Annually, your limit is set at either 10% of your annual income, or MUR100,000 per project, whichever one is the lowest.

How do I invest in a project?

Follow the steps indicated in How it works on the Lend tab. You will need to fill in a form with basic information before you can Lend.

Can I invest in more than one project?

Yes. In fact, you are encouraged to invest in several projects at a time. Expand your portfolio and diversify your risks. You cannot, however, invest in more than 5 different projects at the same time over a 12-month period.

What criteria should I consider before investing in a project?

Before investing in a project, we advise you to carefully consider the qualitative and quantitative factors that determine its viability. Qualitative factors include the borrower’s track record, the strength of the management team, the industry and the project’s specific details, while quantitative factors include the analysis of financial data and the credit rating assigned to each project. While we undertake due diligence and scrutinize each project before approving it, we cannot advise you what you should (or shouldn’t) invest in. If in doubt, you should seek independent financial advice before investing.

What fees do I pay as a lender?

Lending through Fundkiss is free of charge. There are no registration fees as a lender, and no other hidden charges.

How am I informed when the project that I support reaches its goal?

Fundkiss sends you a notification email to alert you that the project has reached its goal. The information will also be available on “My Profile.”

What are the risks for a lender?

As with any investment, there are risks. Crowdlending typically entails lenders providing unsecured loans to borrowers, which means there are no guaranteed returns. As a lender, you could lose part or all of your investment due to loan defaults. Though Fundkiss has a strict borrower selection criterion, your money is not insured and is not risk-free. Lenders are recommended to hedge their risk by creating a diversified portfolio of loans. Please read and understand our Terms of Use for lenders before investing.

What happens if the borrower defaults on his loan?

Though Fundkiss does its best to minimize risks at every step, borrowers may default on their loan. There is no guarantee as to the protection of your investment, and you may suffer financial loss. For such circumstances, Fundkiss has set up a “Safeguard Fund,” where 10% of all transactions paid by borrowers is set aside. We are committed to assisting you with the recovery process, and should a default occur, the Safeguard Fund can be drawn upon by the platform to pay for the costs associated to the legal proceedings. Please be aware that this pool of funds is not designed to compensate the totality of the lender’s losses and can in no way be construed as a guarantee of indemnification of invested funds.

What happens if the project is unable to reach its target within the 30-day period?

The project is then considered unsuccessful and is taken off the website. As a lender, you will be reimbursed for your contributions.



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