Borrower FAQ

What is Fundkiss?

Fundkiss is Mauritius’ first licensed credit marketplace that helps Mauritian SMEs raise funds to grow their businesses. Borrowers enjoy competitive interest rates on loans, while investors provide capital for business loans in exchange for solid returns. Our main objective is to make access to credit easy and transparent and help entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals.

Why should I use Fundkiss as an alternative financing solution?

Fundkiss is a reliable, secure and transparent alternative to traditional financing, adapted to SMEs across all industries. Borrowers can obtain unsecured loans with no requirement for a personal guarantee—all within a 30-day funding period. With fixed interest rates, your repayments are steady and predictable. Above all, we offer a personal service—we walk you through the financing process from start to finish.

Who can launch a project on Fundkiss?

If you have a viable business, vision and passion, if you are a creator, an entrepreneur or a humanist, your project belongs on Fundkiss. Our platform enables you to ask support from the public – the crowd – in a community with a vast network. Raising funds allows you to streamline your operations with the purchase of new equipment, hire new employees, free up cash flows and expand your business to new locations.

How do I start my crowdlending campaign?

Follow the steps indicated in How it works on the Borrow tab. Sit back and let our team of experts handle your request.

How will I know if my project has been approved?

Within 72 hours, our team of analysts will contact you to share their decision on whether you are eligible to raise funds on Fundkiss or not. If your project is approved, you will be informed of the assigned interest rate.

Can I obtain loans for more than one project?

You can only participate in one live project at a time and must repay any outstanding amount before being able to create a new project.

Is my project guaranteed to be funded if it is on the platform?

If 100% of the amount isn’t raised within the 30-day timeframe, your project is considered unsuccessful. The collected funds will be returned to the lenders, and we encourage you to try again after 3 months.

Can the goal of my campaign be exceeded?

No, once your financial goal has been reached, your campaign ends.

Can I receive the amount of my campaign before it ends if I manage to reach 100% of the target?

Yes, if you manage to raise 100% of the funds before the deadline, Fundkiss will make the funds available to you within 5 business days.

How is my interest rate determined?

Fundkiss uses financial information provided by borrowers—annual income, indebtedness, credit history—to assign a credit rating to each borrower. This rating reflects the probability of the borrower paying back the loan in its entirety and allows lenders to easily understand the level of risk of the project. This rating is then used to divide borrowers into different risk categories, each one representing a range of interest rates set between 11% and 15%. Naturally, a more dependable borrower will have a lower interest rate. All loans are issued a fixed interest rate.

What fees do I pay as a borrower?

Registering as a borrower, detailing your project and having it analyzed by the Fundkiss team are free of charge. Since our success is tied directly to yours, we do collect a flat 5% fee (only if your campaign is successful) as well as a 3% administrative fee that covers the costs related to the management of financial flows; this administrative fee is directly deducted from your monthly instalments. There are no other hidden fees or charges.

Once the offer is accepted, am I committed to borrowing the loan amount?

Once your project is live on our platform, the loan offer is irrevocable. You are therefore committed to borrowing the agreed amount and Fundkiss is committed to maintaining the terms of your loan (interest rate, amount and duration.), subject to a successful campaign.

When the project reaches its goal, how do I make the payments to the investors?

Your loan is paid back according to the agreed payment terms outlined in the facility agreement between you and your lenders. Fundkiss will set up an escrow account, to which you will repay your loan instalments, and our team will be responsible for redistributing the payments to lenders.

Do I need to submit any supporting documents to Fundkiss?

Once you are registered as a borrower on our platform, you will be required to provide the following documents:

– Signed financial statements from the last 2 years
– Your updated annual budget
– Management accounts from the start of the financial year until now
– A short description of your company’s activities
– A short description of your new project

Upon receiving your supporting documents, we will analyze your project, assign it an interest rate.

Is my personal data secure on Fundkiss?

Fundkiss is committed to protecting the safety and security of your personal information by complying with the law. Every page of our website is encrypted with SSL. All transactions made through the FundKiss platform are handled by proven Internet Banking service providers in a secure way.



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